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Shattered Records neon sign

Contributed by Nick Sherman on Oct 5th, 2022.
Shattered Records neon sign 1
Source: Modesto Speed. License: All Rights Reserved.

Shattered Records was a music store in Cleveland, Ohio, that specialized in punk and metal records. According to Curse of Denial’s reminiscence:

Shattered was instrumental in bringing overseas underground death and black metal records to Cleveland as well as all of the staple bands on Roadrunner and Earache. […] Plus he had all of the hardcore you can think of and tons of rare rock records. It was a kick ass little shop.

The LA Times said they “specialized in obscure punk and metal treasures ranging from limited-pressing singles by such early punk bands as the Germs to African Metallica releases and Japanese Guns ’N Roses promotional items.”

The neon sign for the store boldly attempted to render the extremely complex forms of the Shatter typeface in the notoriously crude format of neon tubing. With the typeface name matching the name of the business, it’s also an example of an LTypI.

Shattered Records neon sign 2
Source: Google Maps. License: All Rights Reserved.


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4 Comments on “Shattered Records neon sign”

  1. Amazing! What an admirable and painstaking effort by the tube bender! Google street view archival photos indicate that the sign was often in disrepair, sadly. The LA Times article says the shop was about to close in 2002, yet the sign remained in the window and stayed (partly) lit until at least 2011. Would love to know what happened to it after that.

  2. Kevin Singel says:
    May 9th, 2023 6:44 pm

    I don’t know what happened to the sign but I do have some info on what happened to Frank. In the early to mid 90s he has pretty much given hope on the shop as I remember he saying the last time I saw him in the shop “nobody collects records like they used to so what can I do”. At this point it didn’t really resemble a record store any more though he would pull our a few boxes from the back of random old inventory to browse through. I still have some of his wife/girlfriend’s? handwritten receipts and price tags which I genuinely treasure for their sentimental value. And I will NEVER part with ANY record I ever bought there for the same reason. Anyways, back to the store, at that point it was mostly filled with his second love, antiques, primarily old cash registers. And as for the next visit, no music at all in the store :( what became any music stock he had left he told me sold to Amoeba records in California.

  3. frank/shattered says:
    Sep 9th, 2023 1:41 am

    kevin, i still have the sign and it works. thanks for supporting the store.

  4. Paul Lloyd says:
    Oct 14th, 2023 4:52 pm

    Frank! You’re still with us! I’m still with us!

    Regards Paul (Epsom Record Centre)

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