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Baba au Rum catalog

Contributed by Parachute on Oct 26th, 2022. Artwork published in
circa 2021
Baba au Rum catalog 1
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Designed by Manos Daskalakis for Baba au Rum, one of the World’s 50 Best Bars, the awarded Bauhaus-infused catalog is a project that calls attention to the importance of typography and fonts in use.

The World’s 50 Best Bars jury panel statement reads:

The secret behind the bar’s endurance is found in the impeccable taste of manager and owner Thanos Prunarus, whose love for the modernist movements of Bauhaus, Dada, and the Avant-Garde can be felt in the bar’s decor and sensibilities. It feels tropical but there are no trappings of the cabana kitsch – Baba feels urban, vital, and authentic. Even the hand-bound menu is a thing of beauty and the recent recipient of the Greek Design & Typography Awards EBGE 2022.

Opted for a heavy-in-type result, Daskalakis delved deep into the history of the early twentieth-century art movements that reshaped the visual language of our times and delivered a catalog that stands on its own as a design tribute to that seminal era when a massive visual metamorphosis ensued.

Featuring signature elements of Dadaism and Bauhaus across its pages, the catalog is a visual cocktail that keeps evolving. Typeset in a variety of type designs from the extensive portfolio of Parachute Typefoundry, the catalog is a type-spirited visual cocktail of carefully modeled designs and highly crafted letterforms. Its distinct design is attributed to the use of three typefaces, all created by Parachute’s founder and head designer Panos Vassiliou.

With the postmodern, multiscript, multifaceted, and variable type system of PF Grand Gothik as its pillar – a type design that pays homage to the grotesque/gothic typefaces of yesteryear – the design is complemented by the geometric forms of PF Online and the independent multi-awarded type foundry’s latest release, PF Expo, a type family nobly rooted in simple, rational, and absolutely functional Roman forms. The text typeface is a monospace version of PF DIN Serif.

Baba au Rum catalog 2
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Baba au Rum catalog 3
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Baba au Rum catalog 4
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Baba au Rum catalog 5
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Baba au Rum catalog 6
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