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Kano – New York Cake album art

Contributed by Ian Lanius on Dec 10th, 2022. Artwork published in .
Kano – New York Cake album art 1
Photo: Ian Lanius. License: All Rights Reserved.

I love this record.

I had assumed that the “Kano” type was Futura condensed oblique, but the crossbar on the A is too high. It’s kind of driving me nuts trying to match it.

I have no idea about the “New York Cake” type, but any insight would be appreciated.

First released in Italy by Full Time Records, this is the cover of the U.S. release on Mirage. Cover concept by Novella Massaro, art direction by Michelangelo Farina.

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Kano – New York Cake album art 2
Source: nifty_hogwash. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Gill Sans
  • unidentified typeface




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2 Comments on “Kano – New York Cake album art”

  1. Hi Ian, the sans-serif caps are from Gill Sans Italic. I tried to find a match for “New York Cake”, but came up empty. There are numerous such counterless Art Deco-ish faces. The R with the descending leg reminds me of Sinaloa minus the stripes, but that’s not it. The letterforms can always be custom drawn, of course.

  2. The album title letterforms remind me of the original Pac-Man logo, which uses similar shapes; apart from the C, the A & N are extremely similar. Several typefaces based on the said logo are floating around on the Internet, many of which have similar shapes for the W, Y, and K. However, none have the descending R or the pie-shaped E.

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