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New Zealand NetGuide, Issue 00, Sept 1996

Contributed by Matthew Buchanan on Nov 3rd, 2013. Artwork published in .
New Zealand NetGuide, Issue 00, Sept 1996 1
Photo: Matthew Buchanan. License: All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Matthew Buchanan.

Promised Stephen I’d dig this up. I was the art director of the New Zealand edition of NetGuide magazine for its first 27 issues (September 1996 to March 1999). My love for the Emigre foundry was clearly evident here and throughout most of those issues. The nameplate, set in Suburban Bold, was quite daring for a magazine of this type, but the publisher (and the magazine’s readers) were nothing but complimentary. Soon after I departed, the publication changed hands and the masthead was redesigned in Impact or Haettenschweiler or something equally uninteresting. That was my last full-time print design job and I still miss it, but only a little!

New Zealand NetGuide, Issue 00, Sept 1996 2
License: All Rights Reserved.


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  • Matrix
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  1. Yes, I liked it too.  I bought the first three issues, then not until 2002, by which time the masthead font had changed.  Good mag, but I gave up in 2004.  I still have the first three issues, as well as CD(s), in mint condition.  Had a nostalgic browze again today.  Jean :)

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