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Baiser Mortel at Trabendo

Contributed by Virgile Flores on Feb 1st, 2023. Artwork published in
January 2023
Baiser Mortel at Trabendo 1
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DaVinci Italic and Neue Helvetica are paired on the poster for the Baiser Mortel project at Trabendo, Paris. From the PAN Bandcamp page:

PAN presents Baiser Mortel, the original soundtrack to the acclaimed theatrical performance of the same name. Staged at the Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection over four days last October, the original production – collaboratively realized by composer and director Low Jack, composer and rapper Lala &ce, choreographer Cecilia Bengolea with costumes designed by Marine Serre and Oriana Bekka as creative director and co- director of the performance – merged ballet and urban folklore; sound art and soap opera.

A modern-day danse macabre, Baiser Mortel (trans. ‘The Kiss of Death’) cast Lala &ce in the title role. Unfolding over thirteen songs, the musical narrative follows Death as she navigates the realm of the living, and the encounters – desire, romance, spiritual awakening, and adventure – which validate the human experience. […]

Baiser Mortel at Trabendo 2
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Baiser Mortel at Trabendo 3
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Baiser Mortel at Trabendo 4
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