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Patrick Wolf – Lycanthropy album art

Contributed by D Jones on Jul 24th, 2023. Artwork published in
July 2003
Patrick Wolf – Lycanthropy album art 1
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A friend on the socials dropped this retrospective on Wolf’s 2003 album into my timeline, and I find the cover quite striking. With Wolf about to play hula-hoop in what looks to be a typical English market.

The text is rotated and set to the edges like columns framing the portrait: “Patrick Wolf” opposing “Lycanthropy” (wolf, lycanthropy, geddit?).

The font used both on the front cover and for the tracking listing on the back is Arboret No. 2. This ornamented all-caps face was designed by Herman Ihlenburg and patented in 1885. Soap Box Shaded is similar, minus the leaf decorations.

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Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

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  • Arboret No. 2
  • Arial




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  1. The cover is photographed on Electric Avenue in Brixton (also mentioned in a song’s lyrics).

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