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ECAL: Landing in Lausanne

Contributed by Alex Lescieux on Sep 30th, 2023. Artwork published in
September 2023
ECAL: Landing in Lausanne 1
ECAL/Giacomo Bastianelli, Bor Cvetko, Daniel Martinez, Hannah Gottschalk. License: All Rights Reserved.

Results of the workshop week at ECAL between first and second year Master Photography students “to introduce them to our lovely city and the surrounding area”. Assisted by Giacomo Bastianelli, Mahalia Taje Giotto and Clément Lambelet.

The typophoto posters, postcards and the booklet presenting the results of the workshop were set by Giacomo Bastianelli in AL Linea Medium and Bold, a revival started by Alex Lescieux in 2020 at the ECAL Master Type Design. AL Linea is a lengthy restoration project that aims to be as close as possible to the original FTC Linea by Umberto Fenocchio launched in the sixties, using very precise scans of all the characters shown in the original specimens. AL Linea is available on request, and the complete original collection (including condensed version) is currently under development.

ECAL: Landing in Lausanne 2
ECAL/Giacomo Bastianelli, Sunny Attias, Francesca Bergamini, Binyu Lin. License: All Rights Reserved.
ECAL: Landing in Lausanne 3
ECAL/Giacomo Bastianelli, Isabella Madrid, Visvaldas Morkevicius, Tianyu Wang. License: All Rights Reserved.
ECAL: Landing in Lausanne 4
ECAL/Giacomo Bastianelli, Elisa Azevedo, Doyoung Kim, Tanguy Morvan. License: All Rights Reserved.
ECAL: Landing in Lausanne 5
ECAL. License: All Rights Reserved.


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