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Droomwandelaar by Circaso

Contributed by Matthijs Sluiter on Oct 11th, 2023. Artwork published in
June 2023
Droomwandelaar by Circaso
Source: Photo: Matthijs Sluiter. License: All Rights Reserved.

Last year my youngest son was in a circus class. I am normally happy to volunteer for anything as long as it is not graphic design. This time, to my surprise, I heard myself casually offering to design the poster of the annual final performance, named Droomwandelaar (“dreamwalker”).

The lack of a clear briefing, storyline or professional photos was easily made up for by infectious enthusiasm and besides: designing the poster offered a chance to finally play around with some fonts that had been sitting on my computer for ages, patiently waiting to be put to use.

The fonts of The Pyte Foundry’s one-release-a-week year (2016) generally had a compact character set, but often enough the fonts included an extra surprise. In the all-caps Dosage, for example, the uppercase characters are of a bolder weight than the ones found in the lowercase. It also includes a funky manicule, but the stylish pointing hand on this poster can be found in Alcove, Mortar, Galore, Plakat, and Prhyme. The frames behind “Ticket Sales” are from QFWFQ. A ready-made boxed font like Granblue is harder to fit on a curve than I thought; the pre-existent logo is set in Rosewood Fill.


  • Rosewood Fill
  • Granblue
  • Seryph
  • Dosage
  • CoFo Meteor
  • Chaumont Script
  • Century Schoolbook Monospace
  • Alcove




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