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Genzsch & Heyse letterhead, 1931

Photo(s) by Lars SchwarzImported from Flickr on Jan 14, 2014. Artwork published in .
    Genzsch & Heyse letterhead, 1931
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Lars Schwarz and tagged with “genzschantiqua” and “nordischeantiqua”. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Set in Genzsch-Antiqua (AKA Nordische Antiqua) by Friedrich Bauer c. 1907.

    I especially like the “Drahtwort: Genzeyse”, that was something like a URL shortener for a telegram service.


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    1. Scan: höchst*schön

      The same typeface was still in use for the company’s letterhead in November 1963, when Genzsch & Heyse announced that they will cease their type founding activities at the end of that year. They planned to continue their department for sign making and engraving, and listed several of their typefaces which remained available from other foundries.

      The Bauersche Gießerei carried Adagio, Venus (G&H’s name for this face was Monument 21 and 23), Genzsch-Antiqua, and Semper-Antiqua. H. Berthold AG took over Arkona, Hobby, Fox, and Verona. The equivalent to Nordische Antiqua could be ordered from D. Stempel AG as Information.

      This insightful find was shared by Frankfurt-based letterpress studio höchst*schön on their website – thank you, Tanja & Marcus!

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