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Jackie McLean – It’s Time! album art

Contributed by Rob Hudson on Feb 23rd, 2014. Artwork published in .
    Jackie McLean – It’s Time! album art
    Source: Blue Note Records. License: All Rights Reserved.

    5 Comments on “Jackie McLean – It’s Time! album art”

    1. Oops, this was incorrectly identified as Stilla. It’s rather Bodoni Ultra. I’ve made the correction.

    2. “An exclamation point … should be used sparingly to be effective….”

      Unless you use, like, 243 of them. Then it’s awesome.

    3. So beautiful and cool!

    4. gabriel ramos says:
      Oct 9th, 2020 1:23 am

      I counted the exclamation marks, there are 225 of them.

    5. Try again. Eric got it almost right.

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