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Metsovaara Oy logo

Contributed by Stephen Coles on May 3rd, 2014. Artwork published in .
Metsovaara Oy logo
Source: Image via Oliver Tomas. License: All Rights Reserved.

“Marjatta Metsovaara (1927–) is one of Finland’s leading contemporary designers. She is also one of those three internationally acknowledged Finnish women, who were, in the ’50s, both talented textile artists and good businesswomen. Those two other were Armi Ratia (founder of Marimekko, 1952–) and Vuokko Nurmesniemi (founder of Vuokko, 1964–1988). Marjatta Metsovaara has been designing and experimenting with fabrics since she in 1954 established her own firm Metsovaara Oy (Ltd.) (1954–1990).” —

In the brilliantly simple Metsovaara Oy logo, lines were broken by syllable for easy global pronunciation of the Finnish name. The initial logo was set in Block. Later on, it appears the type was switched to Helvetica.

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