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Contributed by Matthijs Sluiter on Feb 3rd, 2015. Artwork published in .
Lialeh 1
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From Funk & Soul Covers, Taschen 2010:

This suggestive still fom Lialeh, black cinema’s first nationally distributed adult film, foretells the sensually funky soundtrack, produced and composed by drummer Bernard 'Pretty’ Purdie. Marketed as “the black Deep Throat,” Lialeh’s musical legacy burns bright despite the cinematic incarnation’s brilliant, but brief flash of underground fame.

Boho a Gogo (Nick’s Fonts, 2007) is close to the original typeface (Prismania? Bauhaus?).

Lialeh 2
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2 Comments on “Lialeh

  1. Joseph Churchward’s Churchward Design Lines Deep Shadow comes close (including the shade), but has different letterforms for ‘E’ and ‘L’. See the print negative at the Museum of New Zealand.

    On second look, it could be Bauhaus Prisma Shadow (or a shadowed version of Prismania).

  2. Scratch the last remark. Now that I’ve sorted out all the phototype prismania, I can tell you it is most definitely Bauhaus Prisma Shadow A. Unlike Futura Prisma, it has round letterforms for ‘AEL’. Unlike Prisma Bauhaus, Bauhaus Prisma is closed at the ends. Furthermore, it has 8 lines, like Stripes or Boho A Gogo, and unlike Prismania, Pentaprism or Churchward Design Lines, which have only 5 lines.

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