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Lesli Ink website

Contributed by Webtype on Jun 10th, 2015.
    Lesli Ink website 1
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    Lesli Ink is a design studio located in Toronto and New York. On the studio’s portfolio website Caslon Graphique is used for headlines in large sizes, Harriet Display for subheadings and short, prominent text passages, Visby CF in all-caps for subheads, image annotations and short notes as well as Georgia for continuous text.

    Lesli Ink website 2
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    Lesli Ink website 3
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    Lesli Ink website 4
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    Lesli Ink website 5
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    • Caslon Graphique
    • Harriet
    • Visby CF
    • Georgia




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    3 Comments on “Lesli Ink website”

    1. Jun 16th, 2015  8:49 pm

      Thanks for featuring our site! We are font obsessed and appreciate the recognition. Harriet especially was an inspiration for our recent rebrand (oh, that “w”!). I’ve had my eye on that font for the past year. And what can I say about Caslon Graphique…gorgeous on all levels!

    2. Jun 17th, 2015  7:42 am

      Thanks for chiming in! If you don’t mind, I have two suggestions.

      1. A true (curly) apostrophe would look so much better!

      2. Given the myriads of geometric sans-serifs on hand, it should be easy to find something more mature than Visby. Here’s a comparison with FF Bauer Grotesk (to name but one recent release with pointy diagonals). Note how the size of the counters in ‘B’, ‘R’, ‘A’ is more balanced. Also pay attention to the whitespace between letters (‘RAN’ vs. ‘ND’, ‘XP’ vs. ‘IE’).

    3. connary says:
      Sep 4th, 2015  1:14 am

      Florian – Connary here, designer of Visby. Thanks for the honest critique. I’m always looking for feedback and Visby is indeed a young font with lots of room for improvement. I think I’ve worked out some of the kerning issues seen above, but yes – good call on Bauer Grotesk.

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