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Quiet Nights by Miles Davis & Gil Evans

Contributed by Garrison Martin on May 18th, 2018. Artwork published in
December 1963
    Quiet Nights by Miles Davis & Gil Evans
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    Quiet Nights is Miles Davis’ fourth album made in collaboration with Gil Evans, released in December 1963 on Columbia Records. The cover typograpy uses reversed Folio with its novel biform characters for a e m n r in a stacked and justified setting.


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    5 Comments on “Quiet Nights by Miles Davis & Gil Evans”

    1. I had assumed that the biform glyphs were additions made in some bastardized phototype version … but no! These letterforms were officially included in Bauer’s foundry version of Folio breithalbfett, together with alternates for Q and R.

      See more Folio Biform.

    2. Folio looks more gorgeous everyday! It should see a lot more modern usage!

    3. Great use, and thanks to Florian for digging up that sample – and making FIU such an informative place in general!

    4. You’re most welcome, Benedikt! It’s a team effort.

      Indra has shared a useful image with an overview of the Folio family. All members had straight-legged alternates for R. The Q alts with straight bar are only missing from the schmalfett and eng styles. The biform variants are exclusive to the breithalbfett and breitfett.

    5. Unexpectedly, Roboto also includes unicase capitals (specifically, aemnu) as an alternate, included in the obliques and the condensed weights, but not Roboto Slab. I’ve never seen them used.

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